Lesser-known sports on the up?

More universities than ever before are offering Sports Journalism as a degree.

I myself study at the University of Central Lancashire, along with almost 100 fellow students. With such demand for Sports Journalism jobs, is the industry destined to follow the lesser-known sports? There are only so many jobs available within Football or Rugby. Could we one day see the BBC sending a team out to cover the World Lawnmower Racing Championships? Is Extreme Ironing where our futures lie?

Ultimately it comes down to demand. If advertised correctly, i’m sure literally hundreds of people would watch Extreme Ironing on Channel Five, considering only a slightly larger number watch Extreme Fishing with Robson Greene. Or maybe that’s the key? Twinning certain sports with minor celebrities you vaguely remember; Ice Football with a former Big Brother winner.

Niche Market

There is certainly a market for these niche sports. Only recently, some perverted entrepreneur came up with Lingerie Football. However, what could be misconstrued as just a bit of a joke was actually a rather shrewd business plan. What this genius essentially did, was combine the two things the average man dreams about; women and football. Now if the sport can get enough coverage in Nuts and Zoo magazine, maybe we’ll be seeing Soccer Saturday hosted by former Lingerie Football players.

I personally believe that mascot football matches could be the next big thing. Split the Premier League into 4 teams of 5 players and have an epic mascot 5-a-side Champions League-style group stage. Either that or Pundit Football. Players are constantly bemoaning pundits by telling them they’ve never played the game, so let’s sort that out! 11-a-side Pundit Football featuring teams from all the big broadcasters. It would become a matter of bragging rights between the likes of ITV, BBC and Sky Sports. There may even be tapping-up issues brought up in the high courts of ITV trying to poach the star player of Sky by offering him more money? Yes, niche sports are the future.

    • Nick Shelton
    • March 11th, 2010

    Its a really interesting read. Would really like to know more about pundit football. Half the Liverpool side of the 80s is now involved in broadcasting in some form.

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