Top 5 Worst Managerial Appointments

When Hull City fans woke up to hear their club had appointed Iain Dowie, their minds said; “relegation” and their hearts said; “relegation”. Dowie has been sacked from his last three managerial positions at Charlton, QPR and Coventry and his name doesn’t inspire Hull fans all that much. The talk of “determination” and “tenacity”, doesn’t immediately make you think of attractive football. And, considering managers like Gary Megson, Alan Curbishley, Mark Hughes, Avram Grant and Paul Jewell were being banded about, Hull City fans arguably got their 6th choice manager.

So this inspired me. Which other fans in football didn’t get the manager they wanted? Who got their man, but he flopped miserably? The following is a  list of just 5 managerial appointments, that are looked back on with a wry smile:

5) Avram Grant – Chelsea ’07

Whilst arguably this man did well (getting to a Champions League final that, if Terry hadn’t fluffed it, he would’ve won), he followed the irreplacable José Mourinho. The two were chalk and cheese, Mourinho is a suave, sofisticated and tactically-astute manager. Grant resembles Toad from Wind in the Willows, and has as much charisma as a used tea bag. A perfect example, therefore, to kickstart the list of managerial disappointments.

Left: Toad of Toad Hall, Right: Avram Grant

4) Gary Megson – Bolton  Wanderers ’07

Dubbed “The Ginger Mourinho” by practically nobody, Gary Megson became manager of Bolton following the departure of Sammy Lee as chairman Phil Gartside tried to fill the gaping chasm left by Sam Allardyce. Fans were left reeling, as a universal cry of; “really? him?” could be heard being murmered in Bolton. The BBC’s 606 discussion board was full of fans relaying their disgust, and I think it’s a user who simply calls himself ‘Ken’ who sums up their views rather simply: “Is Megson right for Bolton? In a word, No!”

The Ginger Mourinho himself; Gary Megson


3) Paul Gascoigne – Kettering Town ’05

Getting to the serious errors in judgement now, the managers that were so infuriating that they were gone quicker than John Terry from a Chelsea car park. Gazza only lasted 39 days in charge of Kettering, he’s had longer drinking sessions! Mind you, that isn’t hard for the former-England player, as in the 39 days that he was manager of Kettering, the chairman reported he’d had 37 drink-related incidents. Not bad going son!

*slurs* Paul...Gah..erm...I played for England....*hiccup*

2) Steve Claridge – Millwall ’05

The classic journeyman player of the lower leagues. Claridge has played for more clubs than Tiger Woods has had…erm…hot meals! It’s unsurprising then that Claridge wanted to try the same thing in management too. Lasting only 36 days in charge and not managing a single competitive game, I think it’s safe to say that Steve wanted a quick tick on his long list of clubs, and nothing more.

Steve "Where's the nearest club mate? That way? Sweeeet" Claridge

1) Leroy Rosenior – Torquay ’07

An unsurprising choice for number 1 i’m sure you’ll agree. The man with the unwanted record of the shortest managerial stint in football, I give you Mr. Leroy Rosenior. After the press conference announcing his arrival as club manager finished at 3:30pm, Leroy was looking forward to the job in hand. At 3:40pm, he was sacked following a Consortium takeover ofthe club. The 10 minute manager will go down in history, sir we salute you!

Don't worry Leroy, you can catch the end of countdown now!

  1. That was Brillyant. :P. So funny. Kettering Town inclusion just for me. Where was Big Ron at Nottingham Forest getting the wrong team and losing 8-1 to man united though. A very close number 6

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