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Jamie Allen talks Manchester United

For an assessment I was asked to shoot a video and edit it.

I decided to interview course mate Jamie Allen, on his beloved Manchester United.

The following is a 30 second clip I took out of the 3 minute interview. In it he talks about his side’s transfer policy.


World Cup 2010 Statistics

For years, football teams such as Spain have been applauded for their fabulous ease of possession. The quick interchanges and short passing moves are easy on the eye and helped them lift the 2008 European Championships and 2010 World Cup. England, however, are one team slammed for their ‘long ball’ approach. The clueless pass upfield to the Striker in hope rather than expectation. This graph is an example of how International teams play football.

The made this chart in Google Documents using information found from the Guardian Data Store. It clearly displays the extent of how much the ‘hit and hope’ ball is used, and it’s no surprise to anyone who is a studier of the game to see which teams populate the top of this list, and which are near the bottom.

Denmark and Greece are not known for their flair and attacking talent. Whereas France and The Netherlands have very strong squads. The Netherlands were beaten finalists in the World Cup of 2010, and despite France being early victims in the competition, that was more down to squad unrest than a lack of talent of the pitch.

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Data Skills Practice

For this week’s workshop I was asked to experiment with Google Docs and create a chart that I would publish to my blog. Here it is: