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Switzerland getting pissed with Blatter

The Swiss Government took the extraordinary step of granting permission for Investigating Magistrate Thomas Hildbrand to travel to Paris yesterday to give a confidential briefing to a Council of Europe committee.  This is revealed in the press release and the brilliant report Good governance and ethics in sport by the Council’s François Rochebloine

Hildbrand investigated FIFA corruption for nine years and President Blatter and Ricardo Teixeira and João Havelange are battling to prevent his report being disclosed to the public. The Committee has called for the Hildbrand report to be made public. Blatter cannot do this because information it contains would force his resignation from FIFA.

Sources who have seen the report say that Blatter is named for handling a $1 million bribe to FIFA president João Havelange in March 1997, when Blatter was FIFA’s general secretary. I tell this story in Chapter One of my book FOUL! The Secret World of FIFA: Bribes, vote rigging and ticket scandals.

Swiss MP Roland Buchel told me:

I think that this is really rare. I am happy that Prosecutor Hildbrand was given the permission to go and talk to the CoE. It shows that there is a rising concern in my country (as well as in Europe) about the behaviour of certain sports officials. It is important to know that Switzerland, being the host country of all important international sports federations (IOC, FIFA, UEFA), has a special responsibility in this field.


Nick Shelton UNCUT!!

The UNEDITED 2 AND A HALF MINUTE rant of Mr. Nick Shelton..

Ex-Wham! Star slams Manchester United!!

Following the cancellation of his World Tour due to nobody caring, former Wham! front man Nick Shelton discusses just how poor Manchester United are. Enjoy!

The Mark Payton Challenge!!

For this week’s workshop I was asked to take a video of over two and a half minutes and whittle it down to 35 seconds. This was a test of my editorial judgement and video clipping abilities.

The Video is of Mark Payton, who is talking about Online Competition and the company he works for. Mark is the Editorial Director for Haymarket Consumer Media.