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Mapping Skills Test

The following is a Map I made on Google Maps to illustrate my mapping abilities for a skills test. It consists of four locations from four different news stories that appeared in the Monday 11th October 2010 edition of the Lancashire Evening Post.

Story 1: Stars of the Future, Page 3

Story 2: Residents voice fears over academy traffic, Page 4

Story 3: Leisure centre staff claim unfair dismissal, Page 7

Story 4: Classic becomes a seven-second epic, Page 9


Preston North End – Image Skills Test

I took the following pictures of Deepdale, Preston North End’s stadium with the iconic Sir Tom Finney statue outside of it as a test of my image cropping and resizing skills.

100 x 100

My thoughts for this thumbnail, was that because it was so small I had to get as much of the stadium in as possible. The image has to tell a broad a story in a short space and this was the best method I thought of doing that.


My long crop was relatively straight forward. It seemed obvious to keep the iconic statue within the picture whilst keeping Deepdale’s white spines to remind the audience they’re looking at a historic, yet modern stadium and club. This juxtaposition works nicely I think.


This crop contains the two sides to Preston’s past. Industrial heritage (using the stadium’s metal girders to symbolise industry) and the beloved Sir Tom Finney statue (displaying their former glories in football – the football museum would also have been a good choice to represent this).

Original Image

My original image was taken with a lot of thought. I wanted to show the audience a fair depiction of Deepdale, without telling them in so many words ‘This is Preston North End’, I wanted to show them that ‘This is Preston North End’. Sir Tom Finney shows Preston’s heritage, the National Football Museum to the left shows the city’s pride in football’s history and the modern structure of the stadium shows it’s a club that has spent money on redevelopment.

BBC Sport’s Personality; Coach of the Year

If you didn’t catch Sports Relief this year, you missed out. Along with the usual guilt trips, you missed out on Gavin & Stacey’s Smithy (aka James Corden) receiving the Coach of the Year award in hilarious fashion.

If you were one of those people, check this video out;

The highlight of Smithy’s coaching year, has surely got to be him sharing some intimate moments with none other than David Beckham. They arranged flowers, watched romantic films and even shared a bath!

Smith’s tribute to Sports Relief then culminated in a 9 minute-long rant to a crowd full of sporting personalities like Lord Coe, Dame Kelly Holmes and England Manager Fabio Capello (Fab-lar).

Speaking of which, should Fab-lar fail in South Africa this summer and calls for his head fly all over the tabloids…should Smithy get the job? He’s already been introduced to the England team as we saw in his last comic sketch. I feel Smithy would be the perfect role model…he may be fat, talentless and an alcholic but at least he cares!!

Smith-star, you get my vote! Go on my son!